Strategies to Reduce Test Stress

Strategies to Reduce Test Stress

Every student aims to excel in their life, either it is the field of education or having a prestigious position in their society. It is observed that students experience some level of stress for those who aim to become successful. Stress is an internal emotion that exists amongst everyone, which can make your downfall and tear you apart.
From a neurological perspective, high stress would degrade the working concentration of the brain and would be the cause of failure, in addition, stress reduces memory power, so under pressure, it is really difficult to access information and relate the concept while studying. Stress can also arise due to lack of motivation and confidence.


Let us have a glimpse of strategies to reduce stress and excel in the examination-

(i) Prepare well- One major reason to go through stress is if the level of preparation is not proficient. So having a good knowledge of the subject can help to reduce stress before and during the time of examination. This helps to build up confidence amongst the students and help students to do well in their examination. Even the smallest topics like real-numbers, prime number, fraction, ratios & proportion cannot be easily skipped without having a good understanding of that topic.

(ii) Have a positive mindset- Not only the internal factors but sometimes external factors to have some sort of involvement in generating stress amongst the students. Just think of a situation when you had a quarrel with your taxi driver or with your friend just before the examination, all these factors will result in developing stress and can be the reason for your downfall to your results. Thus, try to be calm and optimistic during the time of examination.

(iii) Have a proper amount of Sleep- It is quite essential for students to take proper rest during the time of examination. It could be a damaging situation to study continuously sacrificing sleep. Sleep is necessary to have a good coordination of body and mind, which could result in lack of concentration and can lead to stress. Thus to avoid stress, have a proper sleep.

(iv) Have a nutritious diet- It can also be a factor to reduce stress. ‘Good food is Good mood.’ During the time of examination, junk and oily food should be avoided as much as possible, as they can lead to health-related issues, thus try avoiding such diets.
One can go for dark chocolate which contains 70% of cocoa which fights the exam stress hormone cortisol and helps in relaxation of mind.

(v) Exercise- Exercise helps you to remain focused in your work, thus it can be an effective antidote to your stress. Exercise helps to carry more amount of oxygen along with the blood, and the brain requires the oxygen to work effectively. This would be a fast relief to your stress.
Breathing exercise like pranayama and yoga can be really effective to fight against your stress.

All these techniques help to reduce stress amongst the students and help them to excel in their examination.
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